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Delete overload in C++

C++11 introduced a way to disable (delete) methods from being used. It is mostly used to delete certain operators. The classic case is the implementation of std::unique_ptr. The copy constructor and assignment operator are deleted, so it is not possible to copy a unique pointer.

Install and use mod_macro on Gentoo Linux

At the time of writing, there aren’t that many resources online on how to install and use mod_macro in Gentoo Linux. There are some posts about mod_macro for Ubuntu, meaning it isn’t the most known feature of Apache 2.4.

C++ memory leak without virtual destructor

In this post I will talk about detecting and debugging memory leaks in a C++11 program, Visual Studio’s built in heap profiler and Intel Parallel Studio 2019. And also the importance of virtual destructors when implementing derived subclasses.

Visual Studio 2017 with C++17 and Boost

Visual Studio 2017 was just recently updated to version 15.5. It brings many goodies for us C++ programmers, among them a C++17 compiler switch /std:c++17, and a conformance mode switch /permissive-.