How to stop bots from crawling your website

By , last updated November 15, 2018

Bots crawling our website every minute are becoming a problem. They are using server resources without giving anything back. With the exception of search engine bots like Google or DuckDuckGo they are of no use for our website. In this article we will provide two most common ways to protect Read More ...

Grails Javascript Example

In this article we will show how to include JavaScript library as an asset in grails GSP file to dynamically filter results in a HTML table.

Problems with WordPress JWT Authentication

While I’m been doing some research for WordPress publishing, I eventually came across JWT authentication. It’s a form of WP REST API authentication, using JSON Web Tokens.

Visual Studio 2017 with C++17 and Boost

Visual Studio 2017 was just recently updated to version 15.5. It brings many goodies for us C++ programmers, among them a C++17 compiler switch /std:c++17, and a conformance mode switch /permissive-.

React Native Navigation example

There are many navigation options for React Native. In this example we will show how to implement a basic hybrid app navigation with the React Navigation library and native TabNavigator and StackNavigator components.