Building Boost 1.67 and 1.68 with VS2017

By , last updated November 20, 2019

Boost 1.67 was released last April, and Boost 1.68 will soon be released, probably in the middle of August if the release schedule holds.

Building versions 1.67 and 1.68 with VS2017 isn’t particularly eventful.

  1. Download the scripts from Github (build_boost_1_67_vs2017.5.bat or build_boost_1_68_vs2017.5.bat)
  2. Download the boost release and unzip it
  3. Move and save the scripts (.bat file) inside the boost directory (boost_1_67_0 or boost_1_68_0).
  4. Run the script

For more details, check the previous post. It has many details regarding how it works and what issues you may encounter.

Here is how to use C++ Boost library with Visual Studio 2017.