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  1. Chris July 15, 2017 Leave a Reply

    Awesome plugin.
    When changing the color settings, nothing happens.
    Seems to be overwritten by prebuilt CSS of the plugin.
    Am I doing anything wrong or is this a bug?
    Thank you!

    Best regards

    • Tatyana July 15, 2017 Leave a Reply

      Would you post a screenshot of your widget from the admin panel?
      There are several problems that might be occurring:
      – the plugin doesn’t have write-access to it’s folder. Css for the plugin is being generated dynamically and saved in a temp-file within the plugin folder. If the file can’t be saved there will be a message about it at the bottom of the widget (just above Save-button).
      – there is a conflict with other plugins or CSS files. Try changing all the colors – do any of them change?

  2. Matt Syvertson July 27, 2017 Leave a Reply

    Hi. I love the menu. I am having one problem right now, in that when I create subordinate pages, the menu expands as expected, but I can no longer click on the parent menu and go to that page.

    • Tatyana July 28, 2017 Leave a Reply

      Hello, that’s correct. The reason is that one more click will close the menu. I’ll take a look at how I could fix it for next release.

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