Custom needsCollision on raycasts in Bullet Physics

By , last updated June 30, 2019

Implement this class, and use it as an argument when doing raycasts in Bullet Physics

class MyOwnRayResultCallback : public btCollisionWorld::ClosestRayResultCallback
		explicit MyOwnRayResultCallback(const btVector3 &rayFromWorld, const btVector3&	rayToWorld) :
			ClosestRayResultCallback(rayFromWorld, rayToWorld) 
		virtual ~MyOwnRayResultCallback() {}

		virtual bool needsCollision(btBroadphaseProxy* proxy0) const
			btCollisionObject *collobj = static_cast<btCollisionObject*>( proxy0->m_clientObject );
			bullet::Userpointer *userptr = getUserpointer(collobj);

			return false;

Then use it in you application by sending it to btPhysicsWorld.

MyOwnRayResultCallback rayCallback(startPosition, endPosition);
m_PhysicsWorld->rayTest(startPosition, endPosition, rayCallback);

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