computer science

Our WordPress website keeps getting hacked

We are running several websites with WordPress in different categories – everything from blogs to online shops. WordPress is great. It is easy and powerful at the same time. Although there is one thing that gives us a doubt of the platform – our WordPress websites get hacked. Especially more popular ones.

Image security techniques

Image use has increased in recent years. Many people take pictures and post them on the internet. You can’t run a successful business or a blog without using beautiful images. Without images, people won’t take you seriously.

Greatest data simulations 2015

There are a lot of interesting things out there on the Internet. Here we gathered some really cool data simulations of the year 2015 that shows that Internet really is beautiful.

Basic primitives


When you want to do real time computer physics, like what we see in games, you will have to break the world into understandable items. It’s like Caesar’s divide and conquer tactic. When you are playing in a complex scene, all what really goes on in the physics engine is broken into small, but many pieces. This enables further optimization down the line, which will be covered later, but for now this keeps the collision detection and collision response algorithms easy to understand.