Greatest data simulations 2015

By , last updated February 22, 2016

There are a lot of interesting things out there on the Internet. Here we gathered some really cool data simulations of the year 2015 that shows that Internet really is beautiful.

1. Interactive ISS tour

This is the winner of all simulations that shows an inside content of the whole ISS Space Station in an interactive mode. This is an official ESA (European Space Agency) project, so the quality is beyond good. Enjoy your ride inside a real space station without standing up from your sofa!

interactive iss tour

2. Two planets colliding

This is a breathtaking simulation of a moon impact and two planets colliding by a professor in university of Colorado Robin, Canup. Link to a GIFV video of simulation: Source files and an original movie can be found here: moonimpact

to planets colliding simulation
to planets collide and crash

3. Earth’s seasons

Another good eye catching simulation is an actual time lapse of our planet Earth from space: Earth’s seasons.

earth seasons time lapse from space

4. Path finding algorithm

This is somewhat technical, but still cool simulation: path finding algorithm visualized in the browser. This is actually a website where you can see in real time how an algorithm is working finding a way through.

path finding algorithm

5. Live map of DDoS attacks

Amazing real time map of live DDoS attacks. For those who don’t know, DDoS (denial of service) attack happens when multiple systems flood the target system with fake traffic, making the target unable to handle so many requests and shut down.

ddos attacks norse

6. Falling tower

This is a realistic real world physics simulation of a falling tower: Physics simulations are very heavy to compute so the number of small details in this one is impressive.

physics simulation falling tower

And this one is a real world tower collapse animated GIF:

real world tower collapse

7. Realistic water

A very realistic water simulation in small scale:, original video. Water simulations take generally a lot of resources like processing powers. Video game programmers still create water with different “fast to render” algorithms like textures and shaders.

water simulation realistic

8. Merging blackholes

A beautiful realistic data simulation of two merging blackholes by a group of researchers mainly at Cornell, Caltech, and CITA: Videos: video1, video2

two merging blackholes simulation

The animation was generated by the SXS collaboration (SXS = Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes) and they simulate a lot of other interesting stuff.


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