25 marketing ideas for your website

By , last updated November 23, 2019

11. Forums

Engage in related to your business forums.

  • Try and master Riddit – a gold mine for those who understands how it works. Although it can take a while to “get” it.
  • Facebook groups.
  • LinkedIn articles comments
  • Other related forums

12. Make slides

There are websites that allow everybody to share your presentations. And, there are people who look at those presentations. Use it! Create short slides which carry very focused messages about your webpage and share them. Remember to link back to your website or blog:

  • slideboom.com
  • authorstream.com
  • slideshare.net

13. Make podcasts

A podcast can be anything: audio books, music, radio style shows, interviews and so on. Many people prefer to listen to stuff instead of reading it. Share your podcast:

  • Apple iTunes
  • podfeed.net
  • posdcast.com
  • podomatic.com

Also check out Tim Ferriss’s podcast and blog about the topic: http://fourhourworkweek.com/podcast/

14. Get listed on dmoz

Try to get listed on dmoz.org. It’s an open directory project that contains the largest human-edited directory on the web. Its credibility helps its listings rank higher. Make sure to choose the right category.

15. Speak at conferences

If you can do it – that’s a good start for your business. Find relevant conferences and events and offer to speak for free on an area of expertise you possess. This will probably generate a free press story for you, blog posts and blog mentions without you asking them.

16. Participate in competitions

If you have a product you can bring to a competition – do it! You will get a chance to present your business and network with other people. Free press mentions and blog posts are almost guaranteed.

We are developing a game “Burnt Islands” and participated at “Game play” competition with one of the prototypes. We didn’t win anything, but got some blog mentions about how cool our game is.

17. Drive traffic to your site

There’s only one certain thing in online marketing – change is good.

If you have a website than it is very important to drive traffic to it. There are several ways to do that:

  • Update some things on your website and keep adding fresh content at least once a week. This will give more organic search results. These results are very good to have!
  • Use software to drive traffic. This may be not a good thing to do though.
  • Engage in affiliate programs and become a vendor (if you sell something). Try Clickbank, Amazon and other relevant affiliates.

18. Share on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not like all other social media sites. It’s for professionals with money. You can’t sell anything there, but you have an opportunity to present your business through marketing materials and articles. Use LinkedIn Applications such as SlideShare Presentations, Google Presentations, Box.net Files and Reading List to communicate about your company.

19. Write a book

Write about your business and self publish your book on Amazon or Smashwords. With Amazon you will get different tools to promote your book and thus people will read about your business. Don’t write a bad book, though – this can damage your reputation. Give people some helpful information and don’t price your book too high.

At Smashwords you can even set your book completely free as we did with our funny kids book “Tooth”.

20. Offer discounts

No secret that people buy more if you give them discounts, even though they don’t need the thing. Online coupons and other types of discounts are very popular. Check out our article about how to save money buying computer dings to get some ideas.

21. Add your signature

How many emails do you receive and send every day? Add a link to your website at the end of your email and maybe someone would be interested in checking it out. Change your signature regularly to promote different areas of your business.

22. Make interviews

Conducting or giving interviews is one of the classic and most effective ways to bring viewers to your site. Start by asking people for interview and posting their answers on your site. It can be anyone from your customer to a celebrity.

23. Run contests

People love participating in contests and winning prizes. Your followers also need to be active on your pages in order for you to succeed. Find out what type of contest would be closely related to your brand. The idea is to get people talking about your website.

24. Share content from other sites

This maybe sounds like a dull advice, but imagine a company that creates a video game sharing some funny links to other game development related sites. We did that and the result was stunning – people got more engaged as they see that we share some interesting stuff as well as our own boring updates.

25. Study your competition

Find out what your competitors are doing and do the same. Do a simple search on google and see what results you get. Do they post articles or paying for ads or do some other things you didn’t know about?

Do you have other ideas of how to market a website? Or maybe some advice for us about how to market our textures site?

Please, share 🙂


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