25 marketing ideas for your website

By , last updated November 23, 2019

We are trying everything we can to market our own website that sells textures. This is hard work. You need to remember not to spam people, but still spread information about your product. In this article, I’m going to list what we are exploring so far so you could get along and maybe advise me what I’m doing wrong.

1. Check search engines

Good ranking in search engines is a big step forward to success. Try to search your website in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex and Bing and see what results you get. How does it look? Does it look professional or do you see some strange results? Do you see results at all? Check out ranking tools and get a big picture of where you stand:

  • Alexa – check you global rank
  • Rank checker – check if your site is coming up for specific keywords

Look out for your site rank. Is it too high? Then you need to do something about it. Too high rank means no one sees your website. Boost your ranks by:
– Increase social media presence – share your stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms. Even though you don’t have man y followers.
– Write a lot of great content. Not all content is great. Use help tools to get some information about what content would suit your business best.

2. Write an article

This was the first thing we did when the site was launched. We have a blog of our own where we write about programming and tech stuff so we wrote a simple article about launching our site. If you have a blog somewhere, then start there. If not – try to submit an article on other sites. Remember that it’ll hurt you if you submit such article at “banned” sites. Do a search on google about the site you are going to submit to.

3. Blog mentions

If you can get a blog mention – that’s a really good start! We didn’t manage to do that by now, but we are trying. In order to get a blog mention you can either contact some blog writers directly or use a site like Fiverr and buy one for 5$. But as usual – be careful. A blog mention at a spamming site will only hurt your ratings in search engines.

4. Submit to lists

There are many list-type sites that do only one thing – get together links to sites in some categories. As for our niche we found out that sites with “website design”, “photography” and other images are most relevant. Check out the following giant lists:

5. Social media

All social media are different at all times and things change fast. Keep track of it. Pinterest was for example a good visitors’ source before, but now we don’t see much of it. We get on the other hand good traffic from Twitter. Try different social media and see what works best for your site. I hear Facebook is a real giant, but it doesn’t suit us very well as we sell textures. But maybe we’ll try it out too.

Make research what social media works best for your type of business. Don’t waste your time on them all. But if you do – use automated software and post to 45+ social media sites.

A secret advice – use auto follow and auto post help. I know “great marketers” don’t advise it. It’s also not something sites like Twitter allow to do, but if you follow their rules then you are safe.

6. Paid ads

There are a lot of possibilities to advertise your site if you have money: Facebooks ads, Google ads, Twitter and so on. As for us, we don’t have much so we tried a little bit with Google AdWords. The result was not so good – we get more traffic from Twitter than we did from these paid ads. Maybe we chose the wrong keywords. We’ll try more some time in the future.

7. Email subscriptions

If you have something valuable to share by email, you can consider having email subscriptions where you ask people to provide their email and get something valuable in return. Do not ask for too much information.

You can either make a pop-up or just have a link somewhere that people can easily see.

I see many websites do it nowadays. I personally don’t like it and leave the site if something suddenly pops up while I’m reading. But hey, why not try? Maybe you will manage to catch good subscribers that will actually read your emails and buy your products?

8. Create a blog

These days you have no excuses for not running a blog. It is free and downright easy with software like WordPress. Consider creating a blog where you can post articles about your business. Blogs are inexpensive and are loved by search engines. These are some of the highest ranking pages in search engines because they provide quality content that internet users want. You can also keep contact with your customers and answer their questions by writing great articles explaining the details of your product on your blog.

  • wordpress.com
  • blogger.com

9. YouTube

Consider creating videos about or related to your webpage on YouTube. There are people who prefer watching videos more than reading articles.

  • Keep your video short
  • Make it easy to find by using keywords in your title, description and tags.
  • Make it awesome
  • Audio is important. We once uploaded a great video with a hurting the ears audio and got completely downvoted. We didn’t understand why people don’t like it until someone said it to us: Your music hurts my ears!
  • Share. Post a link to your video on other social media accounts.

10. Google Places

List your business on Google Places. Many people look at the map when they are searching for something. If you have a location – use that.


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