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We decided that it is time to implement some animations in our game “Burnt Islands“. Mostly because I had a task to add a catapult that was going to throw stones at enemies from the distance. A catapult needs to rotate toward the goal and to throw stones in the right direction. The whole thing without animation would look really weird.

We use Blender for modelling our models. It is a great tool for indie game developers.

Making an animation itself was not a problem. There are plenty of tutorials about it on the internet. The real problem was to export the animation from Blender and import it into the game so that everything runs correct.

Here I’m gonna show how I manged to do it after several days of troubleshooting.

Blender animation with NLA editor

Import or create a model

I going to to animate a catapult model in Blender
Import or make an object in Blender

Add a skeleton

I’m going to make an animation of the catapult. Add a bone armature by choosing Add -> Armature -> Single bone
Add a single bone into the scene

I choose a left-side view. Choose the bone and click on object -> X-ray in order to see the bone through the mesh (look at the menu to the right).
Choose a left side view and add an armature bone

Scale the bone by pressing “S” (although it is not necessary, it will be just easier to choose the bones if they are bigger).

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