Design rules

Here I will try to gather all the awesome rules of design I come over while surfing the net. There are always some genius rules that I would need to follow when developing a new website or app, but you remember nothing when it comes to it. So here’s the list:

Irrlicht culling problem

We’ve recently had major performance issues while testing the game. Debug information has shown that it was the graphics that was taking from 60 and up to 300 milliseconds per second to redraw all nodes. One of the issues that was discovered in analysis is that terrain ISceneNode had automatic culling EAC_OFF:

GLSL shaders: black dots

Recall our previous post about stretched terrain bug in the game. Shader that fixed the problem gave although an unpleasant bug in the form of many black dots with newer graphic drivers. The black dots are usually a result of a NAN error (not a number) and normally related to bad geometry, a bad shader, light or camera.

Flex: force focus on parent change

I was trying to solve a problem of resetting a focus if the parent changes. I had different buttons that show the same .mxml-form but with different data. The problem was that I needed the focus to be on the first date-field whenever the form is shown so that the user can begin typing data right away.

Flex dynamic ComboBox

I’ve recently  come to an issue where I needed a ComboBox in Flex with dynamic dataProvider and couldn’t work it around for a while. There is a bug in SDK 3.5 so that a dropdown list in a combobox shows old values after change of dataProvider. To overcome a problem you need to bind the dataProvider.

Introduction – Space cube

In this introduction we’re looking at the basics of OpenGL and how presentation is working in practice.