Design rules

By , last updated July 16, 2019

Here I will try to gather all the awesome rules of design I come over while surfing the net. There are always some genius rules that I would need to follow when developing a new website or app, but you remember nothing when it comes to it. So here’s the list:


  1. Make at least 3 drafts. The more the better. Apple chief designer Jonathan Ive makes at least 50.
  2. Carefully consider a color palette and then stick to it. If you aren’t sure, stick to two or three colors.
  3. The less, the better – stick to the K.I.S.S. method (keep it simple stupid)


  1. Look at every font on the page, every font size. And every time you see a new color or a new font size, you add up a point. I want this page below five points. (Marissa Mayer)
  2. Check Mental Notes. Is it possible to implement some of them to your website?
  3. If someone doesn’t get what your website is about – the design is bad. Make sure everyone gets it.


  1. Once you’re in the app, is it two taps to do anything you want to do? (Marissa Mayer)

More to come!