Understanding git-add commands

Git is a distributed revision control system, in which you can manipulate Git-repositories on your computer. It was originally developed by Linus Torvalds, the principal author of Linux.

WordPress Plugin development by example – SF Generate Tags

One of the plugins that we have developed for WordPress is a tag generator for WordPress posts and pages. The plugin scans the content of the post and names of the attached images and selects tags for the post filtering out no-tag words. In this post I’m going to explore the process of creating the plugin.

CSS tutorial: div over div and z-index

We are in a constant process of making our products better. I was fixing the layout of our texture site SF Textures and faced a problem where I needed to position a shopping cart over and to the right of the top menu.

GLSL shaders: black dots

Recall our previous post about stretched terrain bug in the game. Shader that fixed the problem gave although an unpleasant bug in the form of many black dots with newer graphic drivers. The black dots are usually a result of a NAN error (not a number) and normally related to bad geometry, a bad shader, light or camera.

Triplanar terrain texturing with GLSL

Stretched textures on vertical triangles is one of a million possible bugs when texturing terrain with shaders. To fix it we need to recalculate texture coordinates in 3 projections: x, y and z.

Performance testing in C++

While developing a message-driven system we’ve come to a problem of what type of object creation/destruction uses less system resources: stack or heap. And although you maybe know the answer it’s always interesting to measure to be sure. We’ve done it with the help of unit-testing.