Terraria – Why I like it

By , last updated July 28, 2019

This review is about a Terraria video game that is a 2D indie platform game where you can do about anything you’d like. You can fight monsters, build buildings, explore the terrain, gather resources and craft items and equipment.

At first glanze, Terraria might look just like another Minecraft clone. It’s not. Certainly not. But if you like Minecraft, you’ll like Terraria.

But unlike Minecraft, Terraria has depth. Real depth.

You can play Terraria in singleplayer or multiplayer. I’m more of a “single player” player, but I would imagine taking your character online is fun.


Your character is not tied to a certain world.

Your character is completely independent of whatever world you made it with. This has a huge advantage when you’re taking your character online. You can nurture your character in singleplayer before you take it online. If you have friends online, they can help you get the best gear real quick.

This is also a huge advantage when it comes to new versions of Terraria. More than once, new ore and blocks has been introduced. The only way of aquiring those resources is to make a new world and start gather resources, luckily with your character where you have topped up the equipment.

There are no XP or levels

Some games benefit from XP, others do not. What I love with Terraria is that it’s only your equipment what defines your character, not that you’ve slain 10000 monsters and 100’s of bosses. Dequip, and you’re just as vulnerable as the next guy.

Aesthetics – or not

You can play with your looks – and you can choose not to. You can build houses like castles, or you can build houses with wooden walls, wood table and a wood chair.

Grappling hook!

Doesn’t need a description! No really, having a grappling hook really make navigating the depths much much easier. Then you won’t have to worry about getting up. This with the rocket boots is a killer game mechanic!


Water physics

When you dig out the bottom of a lake, the water will start flowing. This means you can flood underwater caves! Unfortunately, you won’t drown any enemies and there will be piranhas and jellyfish trying to eat you.


Infinite life

You can die, but you don’t loose all of your equipment. You only loose money, which you can pick up if it’s not dropped into a deep lava pit or something like that.

Rocket boots

Not infinite though, but they instantly recharge on ground.


Ascend and descend quickly with rope

This makes deep earth exploration easy and not so time consuming. In other words, casual players with kids and a day time job may stand a chance of beating this game!


Complete darkness

I hates this at first, specially in the beginning. I was exploring deep under ground, and whoops. My lights where used and I couln’t make more! That is stressful, but being able to see anything where it’s true darkness, is cheating.



Lava and hell

A game must have fiery lava and demons! It’s the most dangerous non hardmode area, but the molten gear makes up for it. The molten sword slices through zombies like a warm knife through butter. Pun intended.




I just got here. But I notice the enemies are really tougher and much harder to kill. However, the advantage is more loot, more items, and more weapons!