5 great things about the Boost C++ library

By , last updated September 10, 2019

The Boost C++ Library is a collection of extremely high quality, open source, peer-reviewed C++ libraries.

1. Boost is free

Boost Library comes under the Boost Software License, which permits commercial and non-commercial use. It supports almost all modern compilers and it is being used widely nowadays because of its re-usability, run-time performance, portability and space-efficiency.

2. Developed by the experts in C++

Boost is developed by C++ developers, which have their own dedicated Boost Community. All new features added to Boost are peer reviewed and either accepted or rejected by the community members. Developers from all around the world are a part of this community. Boost provides a lot of rich and complex development features such as regex, buffers, function binding, lambda functions, smart pointers, configuration utilities, threads and many more!

3. Merge with C++ Standards

Boost Libraries have become very helpful for the development of the C++ standard itself. There is a good chance the best Boost libraries will be a part of a future C++ standard. 7 Boost libraries have been integrated in the C++11 standard.

Boost Libraries increases the productivity in C++ as compared to the standard libraries because:

  • Boost libraries evolve faster than standard libraries.
  • Thanks to the larger Boost Community, solution for almost every problem is available.
  • You get earlier access to the new standard as Boost is becoming a part and parcel of C++’s new standard. Hence you do not need to wait to get new library features. The only exception is new language features like noexcept and lambdas, which require compiler support.

As mentioned above, Boost is already contributing to the foundation for the future C++ standard. It is basically the synopsis of what will become the standard in future.

4. Only features approved by peers

All libraries are tested and designed by peers and then they are added to the Boost family. Programmers and feedbacks contribute from all around the world. This makes the library one of the most high quality software projects in the open source world.

5. C++ Boost Community

You can get C++ Boost Community help for any problem hence you will get head start in getting help for your code.

Boost C++ is the future of C++ development. If you want to learn more about please visit following links:

Boost C++: http://www.boost.org/
GitHub Boost: https://github.com/boostorg

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