Install and use mod_macro on Gentoo Linux

At the time of writing, there aren’t that many resources online on how to install and use mod_macro in Gentoo Linux. There are some posts about mod_macro for Ubuntu, meaning it isn’t the most known feature of Apache 2.4.

Apache 2.4 on Gentoo with MPM ITK

I recently upgraded my Gentoo development server from Linux Apache 2.2 to Apache 2.4. Though there are some notable changes between Apache 2.2 and Apache 2.4, the ITK MPM required some configuration to be able to use it.

How to trigger WP-Cron from crontab in WordPress

WordPress cron is a process that runs each time a user visits a website. It triggers the tasks that are due to run and schedules the new ones. Wp-cron is an important feature to have. It publishes posts that are scheduled to be published at given times. It triggers important background events like check for updates, send planned emails and others.

How to program backup software

In this article I will show you how to make your own backup software without downloading any tools. There is a lot of free and paid software for backup that you can use. One of them is Immortal files for both Windows and Mac.

Apache SIGABRT on Gentoo

I’ve been trying to set up a PressBooks test site on my Gentoo dec box. I may or may not write a book about programming, but PressBooks is a WordPress plugin for writing and exporting books. I was curious and decided to give it a go.

Understanding git-add commands

Git is a distributed revision control system, in which you can manipulate Git-repositories on your computer. It was originally developed by Linus Torvalds, the principal author of Linux.