Minify CSS with notepad++

We create many websites and use many themes and CSS files in our work. All new ideas require CSS optimizations to adjust look and feel. Latest SEO practices suggest to minify everything possible on your website from CSS to HTML.

Image grid layout with css example

We were developing a mobile application with different image grid layouts. Layouts needed to be responsive, as the application should look good on all mobile devices including mobile phones and smaller and bigger pads.

CSS show div on hover

Css is not always easy. In this article I will explain how to show elements while hovering over a link. There are several ways to do it: by toggling a display element and by changing an opacity.

WordPress Theme development hacks: body height

I was working with a full width and height slider page for my new WordPress theme and it just didn’t want to give me 100% screen height. While on a desktop computer it would not matter, on mobile devices I wanted the slider to be as easy as swooping to the next page with a finger, just like in a book.

How to fix the prev/next arrows image

After updating out WordPress installation and changing some fonts we’ve got some strange images instead of arrows on next/previous posts:  (U+F430) and  (U+F429).
arrows as utf images in wordpress
These images are utf-8 characters in the Private Use Unicode subset.

CSS tutorial: div over div and z-index

We are in a constant process of making our products better. I was fixing the layout of our texture site SF Textures and faced a problem where I needed to position a shopping cart over and to the right of the top menu.