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WordPress vs WooCommerce categories with Rest API in C#

Categories are an important part of WordPress and WooCommerce solutions. They give an opportunity to group similar items together. If you are using WordPress as a CMS for your online shop, chances are you will need the WooCommerce plugin to manage your products.

How to dynamically load native DLLs from C#

Loading native DLLs from a managed context (C#, VB.net) is an evil necessity. Native and managed must sometimes communicate, and sometimes the best way is to call native methods directly from a managed context.

How to show folder size in Windows

You are wondering why is it easy to see a file size in Windows explorer, but not the folder size? The short answer is – resources. In order for the explorer to show a directory size it needs to process all files in all sub folders and calculate the space that all the files take in a directory. The calculation is resource draining and time consuming. The feature was available in Windows before XP, but was then removed as it made explorer slow to work with.