What’s So Great About Movavi Screen Capture?

By , last updated July 9, 2019

The screen recording software solutions are a great help when you have no time to catch the online live programs given your busy schedule. These software solutions would capture the streaming videos and would save it on your Windows device so that you can catch up later. Now, you will find several such software screen recorder for Windows today but not all are worthy of investment. You have to consider both optimum performance and ease of operation while choosing your screen capture software.

If you are looking for expert suggestions here, Movavi Screen Capture is one of the most recommended names in the contemporary market.

So, what’s so great about the Movavi software? Well, the post below outlines a brief on the several features of the Movavi software.

Screen_Capture7_Box_151x202To begin with, the Movavi software assures a very easy operation. You won’t need to learn any special tech skill here and your primary technical know-how would be enough to run it. Then, one of the major reasons behind the high end popularity of the Movavi software is that it allows you to set recording parameters while recording. You can choose your own frame rate and recording area as well as volume level while recording the video with audio. Moreover, it can capture audio from all relevant sources- be it microphone or speaker, or headset or MIDI devices.

Then, the Movavi Screen Capture software is engineered to work as per the specified recording duration of the user. You will get an in-built timer here through which you can specify the recording duration and the software will immediately stop recording as it completes your set time limit. You won’t need to sit before the computer the whole time. The good bit is that the Movavi program can take screenshots during video recording and that too in any format such as PNG, JPEG & more.

What more, the Movavi software can trim out the unwanted parts from your screen so that you can get a streamlined smart display. You can trim your clip at the start & end to have the most needed footage in your computer. The Movavi software even allows you to save your video in any kind of popular video format like MOV, AVI, MP4 & so on. Moreover, the software is designed to support all the major mobile devices so that you can transfer the recorded video in a mobile-friendly format. You might want to watch it from your mobile while on the go or have to share it on your friend’s smartphone so that he doesn’t need to open up the computer again to check the video. The program can even compress screencasts, if needed.

Finally, it’s backed by SuperSpeed mode to save your videos in seconds.