Programming quotes and jokes

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Security must be based on very conservative principals “close all doors and open one by one” instead of “open all doors and close one at the time when problems occur”. (Oleg Zhurakousky)


When the compiler’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy. (K.Sierra, B.Bates, SCJP)

Programmers and old people

Programmers and old people have a lot in common. We’re both always looking for ways to control leaks and dumps. (Ralf)

Write code

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. (Fowler M., Refactoring)

Programmer thinking

// This doesn’t work
*removes comment*
*doesn’t work*
// This comment makes it work, don’t remove, don’t know why


I love when you’re digging through someone else’s convoluted code and see: // Sorry.

Multithreaded programming theory and practice

multithreaded programming


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