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When the compiler’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy.

K.Sierra, B.Bates, SCJP

This page is a help source for you if you are preparing to take java exam or just want to check your java knowledge. I’ve created this page to help me (and you maybe) to prepare for Sun Certified Java Programmer exam back in 2009. I did pass it with 80% score, so it helped.

I’ve read a lot of books while preparing to take the exam, but nothing, you know, is good enough to prepare us for all these tricky questions that of course we’re gonna see on the exam. So I decided that we could (could?) help each other.

Here I have prepared some questions to check myself after I’ve finished some chapters. And you can help me by posting some of your questions that we can try to answer together.

“It looks obvious until you try it” – IEEE Software

Check questions:

Declaration and access Declaration and Access

Object Orientation in JavaObject Orientation

Assignments in Java Assignments

Java Operators  Operators

Exceptions and Assertions Exceptions and Assertions

I/O, Formatting  I/O, Formatting

Collections  Collections

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