WordPress vs WooCommerce categories with Rest API in C#

Categories are an important part of WordPress and WooCommerce solutions. They give an opportunity to group similar items together. If you are using WordPress as a CMS for your online shop, chances are you will need the WooCommerce plugin to manage your products.

SF Parent Theme

sf parent preview devices
Premium WordPress Theme by Studiofreya. Contact us if you are interested in trying it out.

Our WordPress website keeps getting hacked

We are running several websites with WordPress in different categories – everything from blogs to online shops. WordPress is great. It is easy and powerful at the same time. Although there is one thing that gives us a doubt of the platform – our WordPress websites get hacked. Especially more popular ones.

How to trigger WP-Cron from crontab in WordPress

WordPress cron is a process that runs each time a user visits a website. It triggers the tasks that are due to run and schedules the new ones. Wp-cron is an important feature to have. It publishes posts that are scheduled to be published at given times. It triggers important background events like check for updates, send planned emails and others.

How to show child pages as tabs

In this post I will talk about how to view child pages as tabs in WordPress. We have several plugins where different tabs need to be linked directly from WordPress.org.

Design rules

Here I will try to gather all the awesome rules of design I come over while surfing the net. There are always some genius rules that I would need to follow when developing a new website or app, but you remember nothing when it comes to it. So here’s the list:

Hentry structured data importance

We have developed a brand new theme for our website with all newest fancy frameworks like Bootstrap and Redux. It shows a submenu with sliding product links and such. The theme is clean, secure, fast and mobile friendly. Did we think it was all that’s needed? Yes. Until our impressions on Google began to decline.

WordPress Theme development hacks: body height

I was working with a full width and height slider page for my new WordPress theme and it just didn’t want to give me 100% screen height. While on a desktop computer it would not matter, on mobile devices I wanted the slider to be as easy as swooping to the next page with a finger, just like in a book.