How to program backup software

In this article I will show you how to make your own backup software without downloading any tools. There is a lot of free and paid software for backup that you can use. One of them is Immortal files for both Windows and Mac.

Master the Windows 10 Clean Up Tips

Though hard drives are getting larger in size, we still face issues such as filled up space, disorganized data, tons of clutter and duplicate files. The newly launched Windows 10 is also prone to host unwanted junk which should be removed occasionally to keep your computer running at its optimum performance. Here are the ways to deep-clean your system: :

Say goodbye to memory leaks in C++ with Boost!

Many years ago Boost came to me when I started in a new job just out of Uni, and I got impressed from day one. Not only because in my previous experience Boost gave incredibly large errors but what Boost really is and what the collection of libraries can do to easily avoid many of the pitfalls with C++ programming.