How to sell well on Fiverr

As of today I’m a level 2 seller on Fiverr. In this article I would like to share some tips and tricks on how to sell well on Fiverr, how to deal with difficult customers and orders that you can’t do right.

How to protect images on website

Today, people are generally aware that you need to check the license and permissions before using the image you found on the internet. Images are still being stolen from their original creators. If you are creating professional artwork or taking good photos – you still need to spend time securing your property online or it will be stolen.

Master the Windows 10 Clean Up Tips

Though hard drives are getting larger in size, we still face issues such as filled up space, disorganized data, tons of clutter and duplicate files. The newly launched Windows 10 is also prone to host unwanted junk which should be removed occasionally to keep your computer running at its optimum performance. Here are the ways to deep-clean your system: :

Ways to program your drone to do awesome stuff

Drones, quadcopters, RS helicopters and other remote controlled crafts are hot topic these days. We programmers are more interested in how to program them to do something cool. Indeed, it’s become more and more easy.

How to buy a website on Flippa – list of actions to check for scam

Many people dream of a business that earns money without doing anything. That is called passive income. Although it is the best thing that could happen to you, it is also the most difficult to achieve. It is almost always easier to find a dream job than to make something that gives you passive income, which you will be able to live from.

How to fix the prev/next arrows image

After updating out WordPress installation and changing some fonts we’ve got some strange images instead of arrows on next/previous posts:  (U+F430) and  (U+F429).
arrows as utf images in wordpress
These images are utf-8 characters in the Private Use Unicode subset.

Auto detecting SATA – IDE hard disk drive

The other day, I had a system drive failure with one of my servers. It was a software mirrored RAID setup (RAID1), where one of those disks have been acting funky for the last months with occasional clicks of death.