Optimize sort algorithm – or how I managed to get a high performance gain

I was recently hired as a C++ guru and performance specialist at a fairly large software consultancy company (1000+ employees). This particular division turned out to be a special division. More on that later. They had some software, which was in dire need of some new set of eyes watching over the code. One should think software developers are quite ubiquitous at a place like that, and they are. However, being mainly a managed shop (C#, Java) the presence of C++ developers is simply stunning (</irony>).

How to achieve what you want: Verbal communication

The key

The key to establishing good communication and thus achieving something is the ability to ask good questions. There are two basic types of questions that you could ask: open-ended and closed ended questions. While closed-ended questions are the “bad” ones in this context we’ll concentrate on open-ended ones.