How to protect images on website

Today, people are generally aware that you need to check the license and permissions before using the image you found on the internet. Images are still being stolen from their original creators. If you are creating professional artwork or taking good photos – you still need to spend time securing your property online or it will be stolen.

Monitoring employee’s PC

Monitoring employee’s PC becomes more and more common. Employers want to know what employees are doing on their work computers and secure their reputation and business against potential damage. This practice is understandable from the employers point of view, but maybe seen as an unlawful or not trustworthy thing to do from the employee’s point of view.

How to buy a website on Flippa – list of actions to check for scam

Many people dream of a business that earns money without doing anything. That is called passive income. Although it is the best thing that could happen to you, it is also the most difficult to achieve. It is almost always easier to find a dream job than to make something that gives you passive income, which you will be able to live from.

Electronic document management system – how to choose

As our company grows, we get more and more different kinds of documents, both paper and electronic. The question arises – should we start using some kind of document management system? The one that archives all our incoming and outgoing documents and is easily searchable?