Delete overload in C++

C++11 introduced a way to disable (delete) methods from being used. It is mostly used to delete certain operators. The classic case is the implementation of std::unique_ptr. The copy constructor and assignment operator are deleted, so it is not possible to copy a unique pointer.

Grails Javascript Example

In this article we will show how to include JavaScript library as an asset in grails GSP file to dynamically filter results in a HTML table.

C++ Variables and Data Types

What is data type?
In programming languages, data type is a classification that defines which type of value a variable can contain and what type of operations (mathematical, relational or logical operations) can be applied to it without causing any error or unwanted side effects.

Variable Scopes in C++

Variables in every programming language are used to store values that can change the program.

JSP partials – how to include files

A partial is a page with a piece of HTML or other code that can be included into other pages. Best examples are header and footer files that are being included into all pages of the website. You may also have complicated logic that you would like to separate or some repetitive code.

Read and write to spreadsheet in Java

I was writing an algorithm that would run and produce some results. These results should have been stored some place and retrieved during next program run. New values would then be added to the resulting list. The program needed to remember all the results from all run.

Parse Apache log files with Python

We run our website on Apache servers and they generate a huge amount of log files every day. Looking through these files is a full time job, so we decided to parse them automatically to retrieve the data about possible 404 and 403 errors.

Send email with Python

Sending emails with Python scripts is easy if you have a server running. There are several libraries you need to use.