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Too many functions in Java code

Many java developers follow the principles of clean code. But can it be too much? I have recently reviewed code that had almost a dozen of wrappers around its private members. When is code readable enough?

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How to convert java long to 4 bytes data

Java doesn’t have unsigned types. In order to convert C++ unsigned values to Java you may need to use larger types. Authors of the language explain it as the Java should be a simple language and be easy to understand for all developers.

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How to program a drone with Java

In this article we will answer one simple question about drone programming – where do I start? What do I need to do to make a simple drone application?

java parallel streams interface

Java parallel streams API

Parallel programming is a very difficult, but sometimes a necessary task. Modern computers contain multiple cores and any complex algorithm that is not performing parallel processing is not exploiting the full potential of the hardware.

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How to show child pages as tabs

In this post I will talk about how to view child pages as tabs in WordPress. We have several plugins where different tabs need to be linked directly from

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1.#INF, 1.#IND and #QNAN floating point numbers and errors

Floating point conditions

When programming, there are certain error condition that might arise from your code. If the compiler catches any compilation errors, it will stop compilation and tell you what and where the error is. The compiler also may issue a warning for certain constructs, which may or may not give you problems during runtime.