25 marketing ideas for your website

We are trying everything we can to market our own website that sells textures. This is hard work. You need to remember not to spam people, but still spread information about your product. In this article, I’m going to list what we are exploring so far so you could get along and maybe advise me what I’m doing wrong.

Top lies people constantly tell

There are some pretty interesting discussions on sometimes. This time nearly 10 thousand people voted some constant lies they they tell to others. Here is a short list:

Picasa caution

Picasa is a free digital photography program. It is good, but you need to know how to use it. Picasa is dangerous for inexperienced users.

How to achieve what you want: Verbal communication

The key

The key to establishing good communication and thus achieving something is the ability to ask good questions. There are two basic types of questions that you could ask: open-ended and closed ended questions. While closed-ended questions are the “bad” ones in this context we’ll concentrate on open-ended ones.