Game development

Grand Theft Auto 4 and robust design

Grand Theft Auto 4 Final mission

Have you ever tried playing GTA 4 final mission on a slow computer? I did! I managed almost to finish it. There is a bug in the final mission. You are riding a boat and you must catch up with a helicopter. At the time, I wasn’t able to catch up with a helicopter. No matter how many times I tried, I could not catch up with it. GTA 4, being a port from console to PC, the performance wasn’t quite there yet, even with fairly good hardware. Not too old compared to the release date.

Most difficult thing in videogame development

I’m writing this post mostly as a reminder to me and my coworkers at Studiofreya that we are not alone at struggling with video game development. Today I’ve noticed a tweet by famous Hobby Game Dev that was just about this topic. I’m gonna take answers to his question as a ground stone for this post.

CEGUI tutorial: Cyrillic Russian fonts

We were planning on going to Steam Greenlight with our game “Burnt Islands” and decided to have more than just “English” language in the game. As we’ve built our own engine it was not so difficult to implement several languages. The solution (and the problem) was CEGUI. It has support for different languages and UTF fonts, but to figure out how to make it work was not so easy.