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Before you start, you need to actually write a book or at least write a sketch, something you can present in some way. If you have troubles in coming up with ideas for your book you maybe need to check out Nine ways to light your creativity on fire by James Altucher first.

And then you have written your book and it’s ready for sale. What now? Did you think that was the whole job? Think again and check out this. This man is Joel Spolsky and he makes software. A process of making software is really much like the process of writing books. The point is, only 2% of your time goes to actually writing a content that readers will read and hopefully enjoy.

I have been writing and publishing my own books for several years. For me, the more time goes to editing and publishing than anything else.

Prepare to publish

Before you publish make sure you’ve edited your book with at least 2 editors!

How to find editors:

  • Ask people around at f.ex. Just search for “editor” in groups and you’ll get many results!
  • Hire a freelancer at or who speaks the language. I usually ask for a “Native English speaker to correct books”.
  • Try It’s possible to find cheap editors there.

Do some research. Check out what opportunities your book have, what publisher you will use.


Do you have a publisher who would like to print your book? Use it! We didn’t want to spend money on printing our book (because we didn’t have the money) so we needed to find ways of publishing our book for free.

  • Amazon – the first choice and absolute easiest to start with. We started there. It gives you not only publishing opportunity, but also helps promote your book for free.
  • Smashwords – a good start, but be aware of the restrictions of Amazon’s KDP Select program.
  • Your own bookstore or blog. My “Adventures of Eyemonster and friends” series has its own website. I have also made some books FREE.


Read about how I do lazy ebook promotion of my books.


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