Picasa caution

By , last updated July 14, 2016

Picasa is a free digital photography program. It is good, but you need to know how to use it. Picasa is dangerous for inexperienced users.

Picasa deletsd all pictures and albums

One of the greatest dangers of Picasa is that it does not copy your images into it’s folders. Instead, it shows them like a usual “explorer”. All the images you see are still located on your hard drive. Picasa just scans your hard drive, looking for any images, and then displays them. This means that if you delete a photo in Picasa, you are deleting it from your hard drive!

Here is how to recover deleted Picasa web album and pictures:

– if your images were located on your PC, all deleted images should be in the trash bin.
– if you are using Picasa to browse images through a network – all your photos are gone! In that case you need to use a file recovery program.

Stop Picasa scan

Another danger of Picasa program is that it scans ALL the images on your the entire computer for digital photos. The result of this is that Picasa travels all over the entire system filling it’s library with every picture available, resulting in double records if you have backup. If you try to clean up from Picasa by deleting double files and folders, all your images will be gone from both your system AND the backup.

Even the images hidden on your system won’t e spared. Everything will be scanned and placed together. Want to hid something? Do not use Picasa!


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