Fallout: New Vegas Hidden Valley Bunker Virus

By , last updated September 29, 2019

This is a simple howto on how to beat the virus infection in the Brotherhood of Steel datastore.

1) Talk to Scribe Ibsen about the virus infection and ask if you could help him.

2) After much talking Scribe Ibsen will ask you to wait until he says the virus has jumped. Do a quicksave here just before Scribe Ibsen tells you the virus has jumped.

3) Place yourself in front of one of the terminals.

4) When Scribe Ibsen gives you GO, search for the virus in the computers. Do a systematic search. And remember what computers have the virus. If you fail the first attempt, reload the quicksave.

5) Go to the computers you had the virus in the previous attempt and isolate them there.

6) Continue the search for additional infected computers.

7) If unsuccessful, goto 4.

Scribe Ibsen at the terminal

More screenshots in the next post.