EJB 3.0 Roles

By , last updated May 17, 2015

I had some difficult time understanding all the roles regarding EJB3. Here is an easy-to-remember description of these roles that I found here.

Imagine a factory producing computers:

Bean Provider:
Chip manufacturer. On the chip, there will be a label with “Warranty void if removed” the chip has the logic and the label sets a Role. If you are not authorized to repair it, warranty voids. (i.e. you cannot access the internal chip if you are not in the role of “Warranty Repair Person”.)

Application Assembler
Mainboard assembler. It takes various chips and puts them on the mainboard. If any additional resistor or cable are required, it will put everything togheter to have something that is some kind of working unit but requires additional assembling.

EJB Server Provider
The EJB Server provider is the Computer Case manufacturer providing a case with a power supply. Is a container for the mainboard

As every computer case is different and power voltage vary country by country, the Deployer makes sure to adapt the mainboard to the working environment. In this case adjusts the Voltage on the power supply, and connects the cables. At the same time he will define who are the person allowed to repair it (i.e. provide a list of authorized repair centers)

Persistence Provider
the persistence provider could be the network card company that provides the driver to connect to a network.

System Administrator
Is the person in charge to install the operating system and do necessary configuration changes to the OS to connect to the server, and will make sure to monitor that everything is working fine.


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