Garmin nüvi 765T review: part 1

By , last updated December 26, 2013

I just bought myself a shiny new GPS yesterday, the choice was hard, but it was Garmin who picked the longest straw. The other competitors was Mio and TomTom.

Garmin Nuvi 765T

Garmin Nüvi 765T


I’ve had it out for a few testdrives here in Oslo. It had all the roads I were driving and it easily managed to calculate new routes when I turned right when I’ve should have gone straight forward or left.

The display is large and colorful, but the touchscreen is somewhat slow when I try to scroll the map or rotate the map. It’s 3D view of buildings is ok, but it isn’t exactly the latest FarCry2 engine. While driving you want to keep your eyes on the road, not on the 3D buildings, so it doesn’t really matter.

It has lots of Points of Interest (POI), though I’ve only checked some major ones. There are lots of restaurants, bars and gas stations on the map. Big plus for having both IKEAs in Oslo available as a POI! 🙂

The second time I were out driving wasn’t that cheerful. It’s live traffic alarm wasn’t spot on. In fact, it didn’t get anything right. One place it marked a whole section of the road as road work with a 2 minute delay, but there were none. It also guided me through the busy parts of the city with mostly red traffic lights at every intersection. As a “bonus”, as I might call it, it literally died upon me. Luckily I was familiar in the area so I managed to get home on my own. My wife tried to revive the GPS by holding the off button pressed for a long time. It didn’t respond. It displayed the map from where it froze. When I got home it finally could be revived by pressing the off button for 5 seconds. A big disappointment!

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When I’m more familiar with this unit, I’ll post an updated review.


  1. GPS Navigationssysteme January 27, 2010 Leave a Reply

    I’m amazed and happy to say that garmin products is of high quality albeit the price is also a bit high but it’s worth paying.

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