drone programming java yadrone library how step guide

How to program a drone with Java

In this article we will answer one simple question about drone programming – where do I start? What do I need to do to make a simple drone application?

technical seo stock photo

Checklist for technical SEO

In my many years of experience running small niche blogs I’ve got a lot of knowledge on the topic of technical SEO. In this article I will share what works and what not and what can be done today in order for your blog to rank higher in search engines with a technical SEO checklist.

hacked website thumbnail post

How our WordPress website gets hacked

We are running several websites with WordPress in different categories – everything from blogs to online shops. WordPress is great. It is easy and powerful at the same time. Although there is one thing that gives us a doubt of the platform – our WordPress websites get hacked. Especially more popular ones.

show folder size windows c sharp visual studio tutorial

How to show folder size in Windows

You are wondering why is it easy to see a file size in Windows explorer, but not the folder size? The short answer is – resources. In order for the explorer to show a directory size it needs to process all files in all sub folders and calculate the space that all the files take in a directory. The calculation is resource draining and time consuming. The feature was available in Windows before XP, but was then removed as it made explorer slow to work with.


Java parallel streams API

Parallel programming is a very difficult, but sometimes a necessary task. Modern computers contain multiple cores and any complex algorithm that is not performing parallel processing is not exploiting the full potential of the hardware. Read More ...

How to use Java varargs

The three dots in a method parameter type is a feature called Java varargs. It was introduced in Java 5 and is formally known as variable arity methods or variadic functions. Read More ...

std::remove_if with lambda explained

Warning: Thinking that std::remove and std::remove_if will actually remove elements from a container is wrong. Both methods will move and/or copy elements around within the container, but it will never remove elements or resize the container. Read More ...