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Minify CSS with notepad++

We create many websites and use many themes and CSS files in our work. All new ideas require CSS optimizations to adjust look and feel. Latest SEO practices suggest to minify everything possible on your website from CSS to HTML.

C++ Concepts: New keywords

The concepts extension introduces 5 new keywords. Only concept and requires are implemented, though the GCC documentation states there are 5 new keywords, only 2 are real keywords at the moment.

Hello concepts

Some of the motivation behind concepts, is to be able to restrict template interfaces in an easy-to-use way. It is possible today using template meta programming and static_assert with C++03/C++11/C++14/C++17. However, the error messages are insanely detailed and it’s almost not possible to decipher them without a black belt in template programming. With any modern compiler, it’s usually 50-100 lines of errors for simple template mistakes.