A simple, modern IRC client library in C++. Part #1, the parser

By on June 27, 2015

I’ve started with a side project, making a “smart” chatterbot, which should be able to respond to given commands from other users on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). The first hurdle is to make the bot connect to a network and stay connected. In order to do that, it needs to Read More ...

scoped_ptr vs unique_ptr

By on June 15, 2015

A scoped_ptr is generally known as boost::scoped_ptr, and is from the “ancient” ages before C++11 came along with the <memory> header with std::unique_ptr (and std::shared_ptr). If you’ve been using boost, and have any scoped_ptr lying around, you can (almost always) safely replace them with std::unique_ptr. There are a few subtle Read More ...
subscribe form example

Growing your online business – opt-in popups

By on June 11, 2015

One of our ventures at Studiofreya is to make high resolution textures and post them at for free download and for sale. This type of business was once very profitable, but the market became extremely over-saturated pretty fast. Thus, we are experiencing huge competition from both huge established stock Read More ...
orange cat

Programmer wisdom

By on June 8, 2015

What is a bad software engineer A German general, Kurt von Hammerstein, once said: “I divide my officers into four classes; the clever, the lazy, the industrious, and the stupid. Each officer possesses at least two of these qualities. Those who are clever and industrious are fitted for the highest Read More ...
inf error programming language cpp drawing sketch

1.#INF, 1.#IND and #QNAN floating point numbers and errors

By on May 25, 2015

When programming, there are certain error condition that might arise from your code. If the compiler catches any compilation errors, it will stop compilation and tell you what and where the error is. The compiler also may issue a warning for certain constructs, which may or may not give you Read More ...

SmartAss IRC Bot

By on May 21, 2015

This is an attempt to create an IRC bot, which can talk back to users when they mention it’s name. At the moment it’s in a very early stage of development, and main focus is to adhere to the IRC-protocol and to implement some features here and there. What language Read More ...
Boost logo

The simplest way of building Boost 1.58 for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures with Visual Studio

By on May 20, 2015

Building Boost have never been easier. Just double click this .bat-file and wait for it to be finished. Put this in a file called build_boost_1_58_vs2013.bat and place it next to the boost_1_58_0 folder. The first line will add the Visual Studio tools to PATH, in essence, you can just double Read More ...

Why is Visual Studio always rebuilding some projects?

By on May 19, 2015

Visual Studio is my weapon of choice. But sometimes, it’s stupidity can’t be expressed with words… The project and code from this post is available at GitHub. The problem Sometimes, Visual Studio will always rebuild projects, even though they have recently been built and there are no changes. If you Read More ...

Nanodbc now supports nvarchar(max) and varchar(max)

By on May 16, 2015

“Unlimited” data fields I am in the process of rewriting some software, and one of the steps is to replace an ancient ODBC client library with a more modern client library. Searching for alternatives, with a permissive (and commercial) license turned into a few possible candidates. First was TinyODBC, but Read More ...
body height full css wordpress code long

WordPress Theme development hacks: body height

By on May 12, 2015

I was working with a full width and height slider page for my new theme and it just didn’t want to give me 100% screen height. While on a desktop computer it would not matter, on mobile devices I wanted the slider to be as easy as swooping to the Read More ...
sections visual presentations for redux framework loops

How to create Redux sections in a loop

By on May 7, 2015

We were creating a WordPress theme, SF Parent, for and had stumbled upon a a problem where we needed to create 5 or more sections. In these sections, users could choose any pages from their website and assign background color for each section. The sections would then show up Read More ...

Getting rid of those pesky C-macros in C++-code (QSORT)

By on April 22, 2015

My day to day job is being a software developer, and my primary tasks is to seek out and eliminate performance issues with the C++-based software. Early on I spotted some methods taking their sweet time when sorting, thanks to Intel Parallel Studio and their Amplifier module w/Advanced Hotspots. Those Read More ...
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